Selasa, November 23, 2010

#1 winner papertoy competition

finally i won the papertoy competition.. "Indonesia Dalam Urban papertoy"..
yeeaaah...cheerrss :)

CATS myauoow

is a cat character "quiet and dangerous". Quiet seen from the faces that looked particularly relaxed mouth that looks nothing nothing, while dangerous as if it has a malicious intent is apparent from the spotlight of his distinguished small round eyes are red.

CATS is a picture of a cat in the future. Visible from most of her equipment has been replaced with "robotic" which it was drawn with metal skin graphics.

In my graphics add a little nuance distinctively Indonesian batik motifs mainly.

The inspiration of this character of a cat in my house who like his character's "Quiet and Dangerous" .. secretly always lurking in the closet to eat food in my house:)

C.A.T.S template


Taken from sundanese nge'lel .. which means stick its tongue out. . :P

This character is a picture of a black duck, visible from the costume that he wears like a trucker hat and sneakers ..

little concept of the character because of who my character is the highlight of the uniqueness of the change of facial and tongue movements of the game characters. This may be called automata.

cute and fun when the little kids play.

LE'EL template

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