Kamis, Desember 30, 2010

Paper Installation

Paper Instalation "Happy New Year 2011"
This is the installation of paper for my clients "2h Photography" which is used for greeting cards new year 2011.
  • Photo : Heret Frasthio
  • Design : Idham Mahardhika

Kamis, Desember 23, 2010

ecko rhino custom

This is my custom results for Ecko rhino.I made to follow ECKOrhino papertoy customizing contest by Ecko Unltd and Nick knite. (here)
I have 2 results : Ecko mechanic & Ecko E.M.E (Ecko Monster Educated)

Nani Bird Batch Four "Java Bird"

This is the result of my custom to nani bird.
for template, got to nani bird site

Jumat, Desember 10, 2010

Cut - Fold - Glue - Fun (glue bottle explore)

glue bottle explore....
explore bottles of glue, inspired by the shape of a bottle of glue that I use often ..
makes life with the characters are cute and unique is a very pleasant

CFGF - Can I Help You


CFGF - Angry

CFGF - Magician Glue

CFGF - Vampire Glue