Kamis, Desember 30, 2010

Paper Installation

Paper Instalation "Happy New Year 2011"
This is the installation of paper for my clients "2h Photography" which is used for greeting cards new year 2011.
  • Photo : Heret Frasthio
  • Design : Idham Mahardhika

Kamis, Desember 23, 2010

ecko rhino custom

This is my custom results for Ecko rhino.I made to follow ECKOrhino papertoy customizing contest by Ecko Unltd and Nick knite. (here)
I have 2 results : Ecko mechanic & Ecko E.M.E (Ecko Monster Educated)

Nani Bird Batch Four "Java Bird"

This is the result of my custom to nani bird.
for template, got to nani bird site

Jumat, Desember 10, 2010

Cut - Fold - Glue - Fun (glue bottle explore)

glue bottle explore....
explore bottles of glue, inspired by the shape of a bottle of glue that I use often ..
makes life with the characters are cute and unique is a very pleasant

CFGF - Can I Help You


CFGF - Angry

CFGF - Magician Glue

CFGF - Vampire Glue

Selasa, November 23, 2010

#1 winner papertoy competition

finally i won the papertoy competition.. "Indonesia Dalam Urban papertoy"..
yeeaaah...cheerrss :)

CATS myauoow

is a cat character "quiet and dangerous". Quiet seen from the faces that looked particularly relaxed mouth that looks nothing nothing, while dangerous as if it has a malicious intent is apparent from the spotlight of his distinguished small round eyes are red.

CATS is a picture of a cat in the future. Visible from most of her equipment has been replaced with "robotic" which it was drawn with metal skin graphics.

In my graphics add a little nuance distinctively Indonesian batik motifs mainly.

The inspiration of this character of a cat in my house who like his character's "Quiet and Dangerous" .. secretly always lurking in the closet to eat food in my house:)

C.A.T.S template


Taken from sundanese nge'lel .. which means stick its tongue out. . :P

This character is a picture of a black duck, visible from the costume that he wears like a trucker hat and sneakers ..

little concept of the character because of who my character is the highlight of the uniqueness of the change of facial and tongue movements of the game characters. This may be called automata.

cute and fun when the little kids play.

LE'EL template

Selasa, Oktober 19, 2010



19 Okt 2010 – 18 Nov 2010

Hadiah u/ 3 orang Pemenang
• Paket alat-alat dan bahan papercraft dari
PERI (Paper Replika Indonesia)
• Merchandise dari Salazad.com
• Karya Pemenang akan di pamerkan pada event
“UrbanFest” 2010

• Dibuka untuk umum , dan warga negara Indonesia (WNI)
• Peserta bebas menggunakan jenis software dan papertoy yang
akan dilombakan max 3 buah untuk tiap peserta
• Diterima panitia paling lambat tanggal 18 Nov 2010
jam 23.59 WIB Mengirim file dalam bentuk:
1. Foto (JPEG) maksimal 3 foto (model) ukuran 1024 x 768
(bukan berupa file hasil editing)
2. File template dalam bentuk PDF (maks. 2mb).
3. Deskripsi Karakter Papertoy (file txt)

kirim file tsb ke :

Kriteria Penilaian
Concept (deskripsi karakter papertoy.)
Original (belum pernah dipublikasikan, atau model yg sudah ada, maupun hasil modifikasi)
Graphic (pemilihan warna, kombinasi, detail skin)
Easy to build (mudah dalam perakitan)

Informasi lebih lanjut dapat menghubungi :
Rauf : 081808173757 atau Rizky:021 70266869
atau kunjungi www.perikertas.com

Sabtu, September 18, 2010

TACO TRUCK papertoy

TACO TRUCK papertoy

I like the original shape of a taco truck, so that made me decide to make a papertoy really cool and can be custom by all my friends. Have fun!!! :) let me know if you've done

TACO TRUCK - Viking Panghegar

supporter PERSIB Bandung Football club, district Panghegar east of Bandung :)

taco truck viking panghegar hooligan template


I often use it for building my papertoys :D

taco truck UHU template

TACO TRUCK - blank

custooom!! \m/
taco truck blank template

Minggu, September 12, 2010

Happy Eid Mubarak 1431H

Happy Eid Mubarak to all my Muslim brothers & sisters all around the world :)
download template here

Kamis, Agustus 05, 2010


1 August 2010 @Tegalega Bandung
Radio Dahlia 40th Anniversary
"aksi semangat indonesia"

other stand :
UMKM Kadin
Hydro, etc

live music :
ST 12
Kotak, etc

Kamis, Juli 22, 2010

Selasa, Juli 13, 2010


workshop with paper replika indonesia

Art-Craft Fair-Jazz Craft vaganza 2010
Bale Pare-Kota Baru Parahyangan-Padalarang
July 9th - 11th 2010

Craft is not limited to unique handy-craft, souvenirs, or ornament. The present growth in art nowaday shows that craft has reached an equal position as that of contemporary art. Even though it still maintain its tradition i.e. manufacturing of material, emphasizing on skills, counting beauty and function, the present craft works are observed from the expression the works reflect. Therefore, the result of craft is definitely not goods that neither mass-produced nor carelessly done like what is generally perceived. There are quality craft goods that are done earnestly with high skills and reflect expressions.

Art exhibition by :

Asmudjo, Eddie Hara, Altye Ully, Yuli Prayitno, Ahadiat Joedawinata, George Timorason, Andy Dewantoro, Ichwan Noor, Terre, Indyra, Beby Charles, Inge Rijanto, Carola Vooges, Josephine Linggar, Biranul Anas, Magdalena Pardede Agung, Chusin Setiadikara, Nadya Savitri.

Live Jazz by :

Faris RM, Benny Likumahuwa, Maya Hasan, ESQI:EF Syaharani, The Tripp, Atis & The Trade Win, Eclair, Julian Abraham Marantika, Mario ginanjar & Musicmen, Meri Kasiman Project, Starlite, The musical Troop, Calvin Jeremy, Lala Suwages, Evelyn, Potenzio, 4sixteenth